The Signs of Tyvani

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The Signs of Tyvani

Post  Leroy Ridran on Wed Aug 01, 2007 9:04 am

You will notice a new thing in your character sheet. It asks of your Tyvani Sign. But to discover it, and what it means, you must first follow the many steps required.

-3 posts in the Enter the Realm topic (The Gate Guardian's Commendation)
-10 posts in the Discover the People topic (Three villager's commendations)
-20 posts in the Village Elder topic (The Elder's Commendation)

After completing these requirements, you may return here, and RP your way to find your Sign.


A scroll lies curled up upon inside a glass case. It s the scroll of Tyvani. 20 guards of the highest caliber surround it, holding strange weapons that look like double bladed scimitars. The blades look sharp enough to slice air. On that scroll are instructions needed to find your Sign.

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