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Draylon Redtip
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 Character Bio :
Draylon has been a wanderer since he can remember. All he recalls before that is being separated from his parents soon after birth. He was taken by a band of thieves. He soon learned their trade, and killed them all. He, after that, went around the countryside stealing from the rich and giving to himself. He would then kill anyone in a position of power, and steal the rest of the towns goods. He would then move on to the next town. Since he had caused chaos wherever he went, no-one knew about him. But that's just the way a rouge works.
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 Character Visual Description :
Draylon is not very tall, but short and muscular. He wears a green shirt, with a red design. He has a pair of blood red pants. Over this he wears a large, black flowing robe that is useful for concealing items.. It has a large hood that overshadows his face when it is down. The robe is adorned with dark yellow trim. He has a rope belt where he carries all of his supplies.
 Character Pet (description, and no big things!) :
Draylon's pet is a small, angry, furball he calls Doom for no paticular reason. Doom is very fast actualy, and has big claws.
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Draylon Redtip

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