The Guardian War

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The Guardian War

Post  Leroy Ridran on Mon May 21, 2007 5:18 pm

The Guardian War
Part 1: The Spark

Veranon, the King of Crossroads, was sitting calmly in his chambers one cold morning when there was a loud rap on the door. "Come." Veranon shouted. In the door strolled Tenaron, the recently appointed second in command of the Guardian Order. "Good morning Tenaron. Pray tell, what brings you to my chambers?" Veranon said cheerfully.
"Your majesty, I come with news. News of the bad sort. News that will make your spine tingle with anger and frustration." Tenaron said solemnly, looking Veranon straight in the eye.
"Why Tenaron, what could this news possibly be?" Veranon said worriedly.
"The entire Order of Guardians is rebelling against you. And I am their leader. I am sorry great King, but your reign has ended. The rule of the Guardians has begun."
"NO!" Veranon shouted, and rose from his throne. From his side he drew a shining blade. "Would you like to say that again?" he said, challenging Tenaron.
"Sure!" Teneron lunged, but the King quickly parried his blow. But Tenaron had reinforcements. In a split second, all of the chamber doors had burst open, and guardians were streaming in extremely quickly. They rushed the King. He didn't have a chance. The King, the Great Veranon of Crossroads, was killed that day in his chambers by the ones who should have been defending him.

The time of war has begun. Quickly, move to the character sheet, and pick your side in the war. The great adventurer Sir Ridran has risen to the task of commanding an army against his very own Guardians. Tenaron has gathered most of the Guardians, and is also open to the help of others who are for a change in government. The time for battle, is now!

Visit your character sheet, and pick your side in this great war!

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