Draylon's Cottage

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Draylon's Cottage

Post  Draylon Redtip on Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:28 pm

Draylon knew, that as a thief and outlaw, he was not that adept at building. Therefore, he would have to use what skills he had to acquire a house. He knew of the best builder in the crossroads, Bob Strongoak. His house was very fine indeed. Draylon had decided to steal it. He had never stolen a house before, so this was a difficult job. He began his plan. He first made a large net, and tied a large weight to the corners. He hung it between the two trees closest to Bob's front door. He made a tripwire a short distance in front of it. He then went to the unfinished building at the outskirts of town. Sure enough, Bob was helping to build it. In fact, he was the contractor. Draylon knew what he would have to do. He waited till night fall, before executing his plan.
Draylon first went to the building site. He took a small log, and used his flint and tender to set fire to it. He lifted it up, and quickly ran to the framework. He light it, as like a match and a candle. He ran away, yelling "FIRE! FIRE!". Bob was awakened, and ran out of his house. He hit the trip wire at full tilt, and went sprawling. He was about to stand, when the net covered his entire body. Draylon walked up, and knocked Bob out. He then went inside the house. He looked around at the interior. It was made mostly of oak, as Draylon had guessed. It wasn't large, but it suited him well. He looked around. He had seen a kitchen, with a large range. It also had a small stone oven. In the mist of this, he saw a large amount of cabinets and shelves. He had also seen a den, with a rocking chair, a couch, a wool rug, and a fireplace. These, among other rooms, were connected by a long hallway. He heard footsteps coming from one of the unexplored rooms.
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Re: Draylon's Cottage

Post  Orion Flame-eye on Sat Apr 28, 2007 2:27 pm

OOC- Lol, robbing a house, very interesting...

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